Saturday, 9 June 2012

Working on a new Vid

So I'm working on a new Video tonight.  I'll be doing a soldering tutorial for the Ultimate Useless Machine.  if you have ever soldered anything ever than you can do this and buying the solder kit will save you about $20 as the solder-less kit is $50 and the Solder kit is $30.  Both are great deals but I'm cheap =)

Friday, 8 June 2012

More WWDC rumors

So there is a whole new Batch of rumors popping out since i last posted.  most are just more info on ones i mentioned but here they are.

- Apple HDTV: rumors are flying about apple poping out an SDK (software devolopment kit) at the confrence

- A new MacBook: not a pro but a new line like the white Macbook they usto have. biger than the air but smaller than the pro and with the retina display! it would be available in 13" and 15"

- iPhone 5: this device is all but confirmed with a 4" screen

- iOS 6:  Banners advertising for WWDC have started showing up with the iOS 6 logo

If you hear of any other rumors PLZ leave a post here and i will update everyone on it

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

E3 in da house and all i want is it to be over

I know it sounds bad.  The Gamer in me wants to kick my ass but I really want E3 to be over.  The reason?  Apple's #WWDC conference,  What is the #WWDC conference you ask?  Well it is when all the cool Apple stuff that will roll out this summer is announced.

What's expected this year?

Monday, 4 June 2012

Need a Banner

Aside from the fact that i am still Looking for a video into I would also like a verry simple top banner for this site.

Nothing special maybe just the hippy Apple i use with G+ allong with something that says apple guy in a way that matches.  It doesn't have to be that either bacisly just send me anything nice and I'll likely use it. 

I will also put your web link and credits somewhere on this blog for as long as i use it

Send your designs to my EMAIL

A few more old Videos

Here are (in order) the old vids i've uploaded

- Fat 32 Format how-to
this will show you how to format larger drives into fat 32 on a PC (mac is easy)

- PSP 2000 (slim) Sound reactive LED triggers
this is just showing my PSP off

- PSP 2000 (slim) Sound reactive LED triggers how-to
This is the how-to for the PSP 2000 sound reactive LED's


Uploaded An old Walkthrough GoW2

So i made this video a little over 2 years ago and now that i am closing my other channels I moved it here


Screw that iMac

LOL forgot that taking iMac g5's apart is a bitch.  So i guess that video won't be happening =) sry.  If anyone has any ideas for videos let me know

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Next vid. iMac

Gonna try to knock out an iMac g5 disassemble tonight I know g5 is out dated but some ppl still use them and having a disassemble is always good.

Stay tuned