Friday, 8 June 2012

More WWDC rumors

So there is a whole new Batch of rumors popping out since i last posted.  most are just more info on ones i mentioned but here they are.

- Apple HDTV: rumors are flying about apple poping out an SDK (software devolopment kit) at the confrence

- A new MacBook: not a pro but a new line like the white Macbook they usto have. biger than the air but smaller than the pro and with the retina display! it would be available in 13" and 15"

- iPhone 5: this device is all but confirmed with a 4" screen

- iOS 6:  Banners advertising for WWDC have started showing up with the iOS 6 logo

If you hear of any other rumors PLZ leave a post here and i will update everyone on it

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