Monday, 11 June 2012

Here's a Mac, There's a Mac, Everywhere a Mac Mac (air)

So there are New mac's of all kinds. We have new Mac Pro's, Mac Air's, and a very convoluted MacBook Pro.

I'm going to start by saying i work at a Canadian Educational Apple authorized Reseller so the prices are canadian educational.

So let's break them down and compare old to new!  Starting with the air

The Air almost didn't change
- Both 11" airs  went from a 1.6GGHz dual core to a 1.7GHz and the 13" went from 1.7GHz to 1.8GHz
- The bottom LvL 11" went from 2GB of ram to 4GB of ram
- the all changed video cards from the intel HD 3000 to the Intel HD 4000
- And they all got Turbo boost for the processor wich i can assume is a go baby go button for when you need to render a movie quickly or something else along that line.  I do warn that if it is a go baby go button that won should not leave it on for the risk that won could burn out your processor.  The turbo boost will take the 11" airs to 2.6GHz and the 13" to 2.8Ghz
- The price got weird to, the 11" is $979* ($30 more) and $1079* ($70 less).
-  13" $1179* ($70 less) and $1479* ($70 less)

Check by My Blog later tonight for the Mac Pro Update and the Macbook Pro Update

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