Sunday, 27 May 2012

YAY i booked systems today

So i booked in 3 systems today:

an Imac G5 (ya i know right)
a MacBook pro 15" late 2007
and a MacBook Pro 17" late 2007

so my job is to make the iMac work and make at least one MBP of the 2 work... the iMac is only booting about 1 in 20 attempts but works great while it is running.  as for the MBP's they have both been scavenged for parts but between the 2 i think i have one full system.  The 13" has a broken screen and is missing it's ram and HDD but the 17" has only it's HDD and Super drive missing.  So the plan is to take superdrive out of the 13" and see if i got a working system.  Should have a video of my testing software in action on the iMac and then we get into the MBP.

Talk to you tomorrow

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